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malehijab's Journal

2 June
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80's music, activist, al-azhar, allah, amherst, anti-globalization, anti-war, apple juice, arabic, auc, awareness of the self, bahariya oasis, baking cheesecake, baths, being easily amused, being inspired, being low-maintenance, big cities, biking, breathing, cairo, canada, canadian passport, canoeing, cats, celtic music, cooking, counseling people, crumb top doughnuts, dahab, dancing, documentaries, egypt, falafel, fantasy, feeling good, feminism, funnel cake, fuul, galabiyas, gender equality, happiness, health, hiking, history, honeysuckles, html, hugs, inspiring, intifada, islam, islands, justice, khaled, koran, laughing, lentils, listening, looking for special people, making friends, making peoples wheels turn, malcolm x, mecca, middle east, middle eastern history, monsoon wedding, muhammad, music, muslim, muslim feminism, noho, northampton, observing, olive garden bread sticks, one man dance parties, outward bound, painting, pakistan, palestine, photography, ping pong, poetry, praying, progressive, progressive islam, progressive muslims, pure moods, qur'an, quran, quranic interpretation, radical desis, reading, rem, robert jordan, samosas, self reflection, sexuality in medieval islam, silver, simplicity, singing off-key, siwa oasis, small towns, smoothies with peanut butter, social justice, spanish, sparkling apple cider, spirituality, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, tennis, the cranberries, the white desert, thinking for oneself, traveling, umass amherst, walking over the nile, warm water, web design, wheel of time, women's studies